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23 / March

Meet the team

What journey we undertook! Taking talent in the Karoo and turning it into a creative bussiness.



  Sybil Visagie                       Annelise Obermeyer         Alta  de Lange                De-Manndi  Symington        Lien Fourie
What journey we undertook! Taking talent in the Karoo and turning it into a creative bussiness.

We are all tired of hearing the D-word. Drought. Devastation. Dried up funds. Dying animals. The terrible D's. We decided (again a D, but in a positive way) to Do something about this. Turning the D around.  And we created the C.  We Can.  We Create.  We Care.

So we started our online shop, The Big Sister, watching out for talent and opportunities for our Karoo sisters and brothers. Creating a platform for all to participate, sharing dreams and hope. Sharing talent. What a responsibility, but at the same time, what a joy to find the hidden gems of our beloved Karoo.

It is much more rewarding to give than to receive. Our circumstances due to the drought have forced us to realize we could not fight this battle alone. We got to a point where we had no choice but to ask for help, a very difficult decision.   

 This is where Save the Sheep was born. We decided to give something back, to change our destiny. Beginning small in Sutherland,  we crocheted a little sheep in 2017.  And here we are, growing beyond our own expectations.

We are adding wonderful and precious products to our shop within the next month, a beauty line from Carnarvon, writing talent from the Boesmanland and more.  Easter is around the corner, please support our bakers by ordering a bucket of cookies, for a special long weekend with family and friends. Questions we are frequently asked, are: How are you doing in the Karoo? Did you receive any rain? Was the rainfall sufficient to pull you out of the grip of the drought? Unfortunately for a huge percentage of the Karoo, the Boesmanland and Namakwaland, the answer is NO. 

We are still gripped in this terrible drought, and we need to look beyond sheep farming for other ways to keep farms running until we receive sufficient rains. We have to look at other options to generate an income, and this is why this online shop is so important. 

Because of the length of the current dry cycle, a lot of our natural grazing died. This means it will take a while even if we receive good rainfall, to get back on our feet. Alternative sources of income to stay afloat are essential to preserve our farming community. This gives a wonderful opportunity for everybody to enjoy, admire and own a precious item from the heart of the Karoo and its people.  

We are undertaking a lot of projects to stimulate the local  economy, job creation is very important to us. Please visit our fb page, Save the Sheep Products and Instagram, to join us in our effort to be the difference for so many people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

A heartfelt thank you for taking the time to visit our store, taking part in our efforts and caring as much as we do about preserving our beloved Karoo and his people.

From left to right:    This part of Kenhardt did not receive enough rain recently  -  Annelise with a few of her crocheted sheep  -  Sybil hard at work baking aniseed rusks