All funding we receive are used to fund our projects.

All fodder, whether bought or donated, get distributed amongst the farmers on a basis of large, medium, small and upcoming farmers.

Each farmer makes a donation towards the fodder he receives. These donations are again use to buy more fodder. Because of the lack of natural grazing in the veld farmers need to feed their animals daily, thus putting farmers under tremendous financial strain. Without help from outside the district, it will be only a matter of time before farmers start giving up their farming activities. This will enhance the already socio and economic down fall of our beloved platteland.

As we are self-reliant, and to survive this terrible drought, we need your help. You can make a difference! Please support a farmer by making a donation.

You can transfer directly into our bank account:

Standard Bank
Current Account
Acc nr: 082 956693
Branch code: 050008
Swift code: sbzazajj