A project by the women of the Sutherland District of the Karoo

Save the sheep was originally founded by 5 women, women with the heart and drive to save a community in the Karoo from the most devastating drought in over a century.  The aim of this project was, to firstly create public awareness of the drought and the devastating consequences thereof. Secondly to provide a means of income to the participating women empowering them to earn an income to sustain their families, their husbands, and their farms. 

Drought has many faces.  One of devastation, dying animals, shrinking income and job losses. We decided to stand up and join hands, taking opportunities that come our way and turning our hardship into a positive outcome. 


We strive to achieve the following:
Creating jobs despite the severity of the drought and the difficult economic climate in South Africa.
Creating a product that represents our district by using the natural produce of our region.
Empowering women of all backgrounds and using diversity to everybody’s advantage.
Working together as Karoo women, standing together, and supporting each other.

What started small with crocheted sheep has evolved into a business with numerous wonderful handmade goodies included in our range to empower women of all ages and backgrounds.  We unselfishly include other towns and communities, providing opportunities not only for Sutherland, but for the Karoo. Our dream is to create a platform for women from all walks of life in the Karoo to share their creativity with the whole country while getting the chance to create a steady income in times they need it most. 

The cookie project started in November 2019, a lifeline created by Save the Sheep to support women in the Northern Cape, mostly farmers wives, financially.  We want to acknowledge Caring Daisies for taking our hands and pushing this project to heights we did not expect. The idea was to put an incredibly unique product on the market, cookies and rusks like grandmother made from old family recipes, for all to enjoy while making sure the Karoo farms get a chance to earn an income.  The customer receiving a bucket of cookies, is not only helping a struggling farmer to keep afloat by buying this product, but also gets the chance to experience the unique quality of cookies from the Karoo.  This project includes numerous towns and creates income and job opportunities for all participating in the project.

Enjoy your visit to our shop, this is only the beginning of wonderful ideas, products, and creativity.  Watch this space if you need something for a special occasion, or something incredibly unique to our region.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our online shop, please feel free to also visit our Facebook page, Save the Sheep Products and our Instagram page savethesheepproducts.